Councilman Diego Bernal

Councilman Diego Bernal

A group opposed to San Antonio’s new nondiscrimination ordinance are circulating a petition to recall Councilman Diego Bernal, the measure’s chief sponsor.

They claim because of the new ordinance, men are using women’s bathrooms and sexually assaulting little girls. Police have no complaints of men in women’s bathrooms and no reports of sexual assaults of little girls.

But why should facts stand in their way?

Opponents of the ordinance argued before passage that it would infringe on their religious freedom. Attorney General Greg Abbott threatened to file a lawsuit against the ordinance based on wording that was debated and removed before it passed.

San Antonio’s city’s charter allows a recall of city officials if signatures of 10 percent of registered voters in the district is collected. The group said it should have those signatures within a few weeks.

They are also threatening to begin a recall of Mayor Julian Castro. That would take 10 percent of the city’s voters.