Pamela Geller

A group that trespassed on Cathedral of Hope property in January and picketed church services on a Sunday morning was the group that was attacked in Garland over the weekend.

Two gunmen were killed after a hate group rented public property in Garland to stage an anti-Muslim event, according to The Dallas Morning News.

A security guard was shot before police moved in and killed the gunmen. The security guard was treated for a gunshot wound to his leg and has already been released.

One of the gunmen killed is Elton Simpson, a man investigated by the FBI for previous terrorist threats. The second gunman identified as his roommate has not yet named. Bomb squads and police were at the men’s Arizona apartment looking for evidence.

Local Muslim groups have condemned all acts of violence.

Pamela Geller is the local head of New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative that staged the event. Geller was organizer of the January anti-Muslim event in Garland that then spawned the anti-gay demonstration at Cathedral of Hope.

Bomb squads went through the Garland high school next to the community center where Geller staged her event on Sunday before school opened on Monday.