By Staff Reports

Hope for Peace and Justice was named 2008 Peacemaking Organization of the Year by the Dallas Peace Center at the 22nd Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner held Dec. 4.

The Rev. Michael Piazza, president of Hope for Peace and Justice, accepted the award, which reads: "Hope for Peace and Justice speaks to the values and views that are held by progressive people of faith. By seeking justice for the marginalized and advocacy for peace, they express values which are deeply rooted in the traditions of Judaism, the history of Christianity and the authenticity of Islam.

Through activism, art and education, Hope for Peace and Justice demonstrates the values at the heart of the organization: hope, acceptance, repentance and forgiveness."

Also at the awards dinner, H4PJ premiered a new song by Dallas singer-songwriter Gary Floyd called "Look No Further … It Is I," which tackles the ongoing debate about immigration in the United States by addressing the question, "Who will light your way, lead you from the dark of night into a brighter day?" The lyrics weave the poetry of Emma Lazarus found on the base of the Statue of Liberty with thoughts from Jesus and Buddha, asking when Lady Liberty’s warm welcome turned to a cold heart.

The video of the song, which also was premiered at the dinner, was created by Shawn Northcutt and features Denise Lee and Liz Mikel. It is available on YouTube.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 26, 2008.сайтдать рекламу на гугле