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During his introductions last night at the Addison Improv, they never mentioned Hal Sparks‘ “Queer As Folk” acting credits. And he didn’t make a single gay reference all night. But Sparks, pictured, was on fire.

His routine was fast and furious: He hates terms and phrases like “unsweetened tea” (Are they saying they somehow pulled the sugar out of it?), “non-smoker” (No, you’re just a non-breather), “that’s the last thing I need,” (No, the last thing you need is a diffribulator”) and “never say never” (Okay, how about “I’ll never fuck your mom?”).

He was just as funny as his “I Love The …” commentaries. If I wasn’t laughing so much, I would have said the long hair was just a desperate attempt for a 39-year-old who’s trying not to get pigenholed for playing gay dudes.

Photos by Bryan Amann.рекламная компаниякак раскрутить юкоз сайт