Linda Harper-Brown

The Dallas Morning News published a story today questioning four-term Republican State Rep. Linda Harper Brown‘s use of a Mercedes. The car is owned by a company called Durable Enterprises Equipment that makes millions of dollars in state transportation contracts.

Harper-Brown’s husband said the car is compensation for accounting he does for the company’s owner. His wife serves on the House Transportation Committee.

Harper-Brown’s opponent in the November election is Loretta Haldenwang, who has the endorsement of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.

Harper-Brown won the seat two years ago by just 19 votes.

Loretta Haldenwang
Loretta Haldenwang

Kirk McPike is Haldenwang’s campaign manager.

“We don’t see this as part of the campaign,” he told us today.

Although he did say the charges are very serious.

“These are very serious allegations that she does need to address,” McPike said.

He switched the conversation to the Haldenwang campaign and said she’s getting out and meeting a lot of people in Irving and plans to participate in the city’s 4th of July parade.

“And we’re very happy to have Stonewall’s support,” he said.

But while Haldenwang is sitting back and letting the story unfold, the allegations against Harper-Brown could have consequences for her. She has not listed use of a car owned by a state contractor on her financial disclosure forms. Her husband said she doesn’t have to because it was compensation to him.

In a Channel 8 report, she’s seen wearing a Durable jacket.