Hardy Haberman, the longtime local gay activist who writes the Flagging Left column for Dallas Voice’s Viewpoints page and maintains the Dungeon Diary blog, is celebrating his birthday today.

We haven’t asked Hardy how old he is, but we did request permission to honor him by sharing two successive Tweets he sent out last week.

The first one caught our attention only because while we inferred that DFW Bound is some sort of leather group, we weren’t familiar with the abbreviation CBT, which as it turns out stands for “cock and ball torture.”

Having learned that, the second Tweet made us slightly uneasy, and in between giggles, we’re still trying to imagine what exactly he was picking up.

Then again, this is why we love Hardy — because he’s an out-and-proud leatherman and kink expert — and Christian, BTW — who isn’t ashamed of his sexuality. So here goes: