By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Mark Dalton: injured, stuck in Denton County Jail for now

BICEP BUSTED: Dalton was set to be transferred to a Texas big house this week. But he messed up one of his massive guns.

Paris, Nicole and Lindsey’s “get sprung quick” luck doesn’t work for porn stars.

After serving a 45-day sentence in a Denton County Jail, Mark Dalton (real name: Jeremy James Sons) was supposed to be remanded and sent to a Texas prison on Monday. That didn’t happen.

According to Dalton’s agent, David Forest, two weeks ago the beefy hunk hurt a bicep tendon while “playing around” behind bars. But the Texas Department of Corrections won’t accept an inmate who was injured in county jail. So until his tendon heals or his jailers figure out what to do, Dalton remains in incarceration limbo in Denton.

While waiting for the next part of his journey, Dalton can sort through his twisty saga.

The erotic video star was serving a sentence for two misdemeanors: assault/family violence and interfering with a 911 call, to which Dalton pleaded no contest.

On May 31, a girlfriend who was living with him (not Dalton’s wife, Forest said) called the police.

According to Forest, the scenario went like this: Dalton was breaking up with a girlfriend, telling her to move out. She wasn’t happy about it and called the cops, accusing him of striking her. When the Denton cops showed up, Dalton was arrested.

That incident violated his parole, which stems from a probation for a prior GHB-possession offense from 2002. However in 2004, Dalton was involved in another domestic dispute, which makes his parole and probations a sticky mess.

Forest says the girlfriend who accused Dalton of assault and hindering her call to the cops has since signed an affidavit, saying she made the whole thing up. But Dalton’s ex has apparently vanished. And in order to validate the affidavit, she needs to appear in court.

In the meantime, Dalton may be better off in a county jail instead of immediately getting shuttled off to a Texas big house. If he does go to prison, Forest says which Texas prison hasn’t been decided yet.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 28, 2007 поддержка сайтов в новосибирскераскрутка портала