As we anticipated, the city of Fort Worth is receiving another round of horrible national publicity over its decision to move forward with prosecutions of Rainbow Lounge patrons. Here’s a sampling of what some national LGBT blogs are saying:

From Queerty: “As if the Texan city couldn’t bungle its Stonewall-style attack on the gays even more, prosecutors filed charges against Gibson and another civilian for their actions that night. … This is a nightmare for the two men charged. But if their legal bills can tolerate it, it will be a nightmare for Ft. Worth Police, the TABC, and their sympathizers.”

From Joe.My.God.: “Good for the two men for refusing a plea deal. This bullshit needs to go to a VERY public trial.”

From Towleroad: “Hasn’t Fort Worth’s image been damaged enough by this raid? Now they’re prosecuting the victims? Despicable.”siteseo яндекс директ