(From the KHS Gay Straight Alliance's Facebook page)

Just days after we published Andrea Grimes’ cover story about Gay Straight Alliances in the Fort Worth school district, WFAA-TV aired this report about the controversy over the formation of a GSA just up the road in Keller. Turns out some students opposed to the new GSA at Keller High School recently launched a Facebook page called, “Abolish the GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, at Keller High School.”

“This page is for Keller High School students who disagree with the recent formation of a GSA, or Gay-Straight Alliance, at our school for religious, personal, political and various other such reasons,” states the FB page, which currently has all of 49 fans.

The page claims it isn’t a hate group, but the creator later acknowledged it had offended people and apologized for the misunderstanding. The creator also stated that the page will be taken down — but not for two weeks because Facebook won’t allow it to be removed sooner:

“Just cause I’m shutting the page down doesn’t mean I won’t stop battling the GSA at Keller, this was taken as a hate page, of which it was NOT intended to be, so therefore a page with a misleading message should not be allowed. The GSA WILL be abolished, unless a counteracting straight/heterosexual/conservative club is organized. If y’all think y’all have won, you haven’t. Have a nice day! : )”

Another anti-GSA Facebook page, “Straight Club,” has also popped up. But the Keller school district says the creators of the pages won’t be disciplined because they were created after school hours.

So, how has all of this affected the Keller High School GSA itself? Well, it would appear as though the anti-GSA pages have backfired quite miserably. On Tuesday, the KHS Gay Straight Alliance wrote the following on its own page: “We are growing, and hopefully continue to grow as time moves on. A side effect of this though is we no longer fit in room 145. Meetings will now be held in the Lecture Hall, same date and time, new awesome location.”

Watch WFAA’s report below.