Unemployed Gov. Pat McCrory

When HB2, North Carolina’s bathroom bill, passed into law in March 2016, PayPal immediately canceled expansion in the state and jobs were lost. Other companies followed and within 12 months, the state lost and estimated three quarters of a billion dollars for the year.

Now one person in particular is having trouble finding work as a result of HB2 — former Gov. Pat McCrory. According to the Charlotte News and Observer, companies are reluctant to hire him because they’re afraid he’s a bigot. Even a local university turned him down for a part-time teaching position, afraid his appearance on campus would incite protests.

So the down-and-out former governor is having to eke out a living sitting on boards and doing some consulting work. He’s even interviewed with the Trump administration, hoping they might have a position for an unqualified former governor who was thrown out of office for attempting to destroy the state’s economy.

But so far, no offers. Sad.

Meanwhile, at his State of the State address on March 13, current North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called for the complete repeal of HB2.