More than a year and a half ago, gay comic actor and professional pixie Leslie Jordan was squealing to the Dallas Voice about his exciting new HBO series with Lily Tomlin. Called “12 Miles of Bad Road” and set in Preston Hollow, it would follow an outrageous Dallas clan. It had pedigree: In addition to Jordan, Tomlin and Mary Kay Place, it was created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the brains behind “Designing Women.” At the time, Jordan thought the show would air in 2007.

But it didn’t.

Then HBO started teasing the series, with trailers like this. Looked promising. We were excited. Still, we never saw a firm premiere date on HBO’s schedule.

Now comes word we never will. The six filmed episodes will not air on HBO in 2008 — or ever — according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Still, it’s not curtains yet for the show. Word is that the producers are shopping it around other cable networks, including Lifetime. We don’t care where it airs, we just want to see it.

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