Parkland Hospital
Parkland Hospital

As the health care reform bill comes to a vote – maybe – how is Dallas doing as far as health care coverage?

Not good at all. And as more people lose their health insurance, the more they rely on the overloaded Parkland emergency room for primary health care.

Here are some statistics supplied by by the National Journal.

Of the 435 congressional districts in the United States, the one with the most uninsured people represented by a Republican?

Pete Sessions’ Dallas district — 32.6% of people in the district are uninsured. Sessions has led the opposition to health care reform in the House of Representatives.

The Republican district with the fifth most number of uninsured people in the country is Kay Granger’s in Fort Worth — 23.7% of the people in her district have no health insurance.

Three of the six districts with the most uninsured people are in Texas. Two are in South Texas. One is here in Dallas – Eddie Bernice Johnson’s district has 39.9% uninsured.

But even if you have health insurance, will your insurance company pay the claims. Here’s a story from this week’s Dallas Voice that may make you worry about your own coverage.сайтоптимизация сайта стоимость