I finally received a response from Chris Heinbaugh, Mayor Tom Leppert’s openly gay chief of staff, about the mayor’s recent decision to join First Baptist Church of Dallas, which is led by famed homophobe Robert Jeffress, whom Leppert calls a “good guy.” In fairness to Heinbaugh, he was out of town yesterday and unable to get back to me until now. Here’s his response thus far:

Choosing a place of worship is a highly personal decision and I am not about to comment on where the Mayor goes to church.”

You call it highly personal. I call it highly political. I also call it a slap in the face to not only the LGBT community, but also to Hindus, Muslims and Mormons, whom Jeffress has accused of worshipping “a false God.” For more on Jeffress’ virulently anti-gay record, including his campaign to ban books at the Wichita Falls library in 1998, go here. Above is our report from last year’s protests outside First Baptist in response to Jeffress’ sermon, “Why Gay is Not O.K.”

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