I am on the e-mail list for the American Family Association, which means that every time they get pissed off about something, I get an e-mail from them encouraging me to call or write somebody somewhere and complain about whatever it is that Donald Wildmon and his AFA minions have gotten their knickers in a twist over now.

Usually, they are mad because some company had the audacity to do something horrific, like sponsor a Gay Pride event or offer domestic partner benefits or something else that was not totally anti-gay.

Today, Don and the boys were mad because Heinz is running an ad in Great Britain (above) that features a man, wearing the white hat and apron usually associated with a short order cook, packing lunches for a little boy and a little girl, both of whom call him “Mum,” and then giving a goodbye kiss to another man who rushes into the kitchen with his briefcase under his arm.

Of course, Don and the gang want everyone to write Heinz and complain. I’m all for writing Heinz, myself, but instead of complaining, I say offer them congrats on a great ad.lomaykaпродвижение интернет сми