Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper

William Congreve warned men everywhere, way back in 1697 in his play “The Mourning Bride,” that “Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned/Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” But obviously, some folks never learn.

Wisconsin Sen. Randy Hopper, a Republican from Fon du Lac, was one of the legislators who worked closely with Gov. Scott Walker in organizing an end-run around absent Democrats and find a way to enact legislation that curtails collective bargaining, supposedly in the interests of filling a gaping hole in the state’s finances and balancing the budget.

Hopper has also allegedly received death threats for his role in the paassage of the bill, and is one of several Republicans targeted for recall by Democrats.

But when protesters showed up at his home in Fon du Lac last Saturday, March 12, they found out they were in the wrong place. That’s when the senator’s wife, Alysia Hopper, came out and told them that Randy Hopper didn’t live there anymore, according to reports on The Raw Story. Instead, Mrs. Hopper said, Randy Hopper is living with his 25-year-old mistress in Madison — which by the way, is not in Hopper’s district.

She also told the protesters she plans to sign the recall petition against her wayward husband, as the family’s maid has already done. But she didn’t say whether she’s signing the petition because she disagrees with her estranged husband’s politics or because she’s angry at his infidelity.

According to FDLReporter.com, Alysia Hopper has said her husband moved out last May and has since lived “mostly in Madison,” and court records show he filed for divorced last August. And although Hopper’s official Senate website still lists his Fon du Lac home as his official address, his campaign manager has said the senator has maintained an apartment in his district since filing for divorce.