Gollum, the greyhound hero
Gollum, the greyhound hero

Terri Rimmer over in Fort Worth today forwarded an e-mail to me from Fort Woof Dog Park, and I am sharing it here in hopes someone can help find Gollum.

This is a very sad story, and it starts on Monday afternoon this week. According to a story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, animal control officer Charles Hernandez got a call from some construction workers who said there was a Rottweiler that appeared to be drowning in a partially-frozen over pond near their work site. When he got there, Hernandez didn’t see the Rottweiler, but he did notice a greyhound that was acting strangely.

Hernandez told the Star-Telegram that the greyhound came to him, trying to get his attention, barking at the pond and trying to lead him toward the water. When he followed the dog, it led him to the east side of the pond, where he found a woman’s jacket, cellphone and keys.

The items belonged to a woman named Andrea Benua, 34. Apparently, Mrs. Benua was out walking with her three dogs — a Rottweiler puppy named Mallory, an Italian greyhound named Artimus and the second greyhound, Gollum. Police believe that Mallory and Artimus went out onto the ice of the partially-frozen pond and fell through. Mrs. Benua then apparently left her jacket, keys and cellphone on the edge of the pond and went into the frigid water after her pets.

Tragically, Mrs. Benua drowned while trying to save her beloved dogs. Emergency rescue workers found her body in the pond about two hours after the initial call went in to animal rescue.

To make it even more tragic, Gollum — the greyhound who led Hernandez to the site and who is pictured above — has been missing since then, and Mrs. Benua’s grieving husband desperately wants him back. Gollum was last seen in the area near Basswood Boulevard in far north Fort Worth.

The Star-Telegram reports that The Velvet Snout Canine Adventure Center is offering a $500 reward for Gollum’s safe return. Fort Woof Dog Park Association — of which Mrs Benua was an avid supporter — is offering a separate reward of $250.

Anybody with information on Gollum’s whereabouts is asked to e-mail contact@fortwoof.org or call 817-721-6056. I hope someone out there in Instant Tea-land has some information that can help bring Gollum home.mobil rpg gameподдержка сайта знакомств