I’ve had the last name “Jones” all my life. It’s the kind of name that gets “yeah, right” reactions when you sign into an inexpensive motel late at night, yet I am often asked to spell it.

The biggest problem with “Jones” is that, because it is so common, you need an interesting name (or three) to help it stand out. The one name you can’t have is “John.”

But two other people here at the offices do have the name John, sort of — John Wright, our news reporter,  and Tyler Johns, our advertising rep. Note the “H” in both their names. I don’t have an “H” in mine.

And yet I keep getting their e-mails. I think people begin to type from their address books or on the Web site, see “Dallas Voice,” click send. But it means messages go to the wrong person — I get their e-mails, and I know they sometimes get mine. So be kind, rewi… no, that’s not it. Just check the spelling before you hit send. Especially those of you who send naughty notes to Tyler — you know who you are.

— Arnold Wayne Jones 

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