I’ll be making my way to SEED here in a couple of hours at the Sons of Hermann Hall but just wanted to give you a slight preview of what to expect. You can read about it in today’s issue or just by going here. The Art Conspiracy benefit can be a fun time and even offer up original art for cheap. Bidding starts at twenty bucks and if there are no other takers, you just scored.

Out artists Robb Conover and Erica Felicella join a slew of other artists auctioning off their works to benefit Art Con. Take a peek at some of the work after the jump.

Robb Conover donated this piece for your bidding pleasure. Thanks to Ange Fitzgerald sending me this image this afternoon.


This year’s special arts project was to turn coffee urns into lanterns. Erica Felicella came up with this first lantern followed by couple of other works up for auction.


Seriously, that blue lantern used to be a coffee urn.

cheat-na-dengiяндекс маркетинг