As David Boies said in the great video face-off Joe posted yesterday, of Boie vs. the Family Research Council’s Perkins, the religious right simply lies. And they know that on TV they can get away with it, but when they did it in a court room, on the witness stand, they got stung.

One of their usual big lies, which the ironically fey religious right leader, Perkins, repeated on Face the Nation yesterday: That there’s no evidence that gay parents are good for kids. First off, it’s an interesting twist on an old argument, that belies how badly the religious right is doing. They used to say that the evidence showed straight parents were better, and gay parents were bad. Now that they’ve been caught in that lie, they claim that there isn’t enough evidence showing gay parents are good. Only problem? Yes there is.

Media Matters has pulled together the quotes from the scientific organizations proving FRC’s lie.