HoustonOpponents of Houston’s recently defeated Equal Rights Ordinance, which would have protected LGBT people and others from discrimination, hope new advertisements about the ordinance will boost turn out in December run-offs for a handful of local elections that could decide the ordinance’s fate.

One new television advertisement continues to stoke fears used by HERO opponents throughout their successful campaign. It features a young girl being confronted by a man in the bathroom. Throughout their campaign, the Campaign for Houston inaccurately described it as a “bathroom ordinance” because of language protecting transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

By protecting transgender people, opponents argued, the ordinance would “allow men into women’s bathrooms.”

Accurate or not, the ordinance was repealed by a staggering 61-39 percent.

The most notable run-off features state Rep. Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, against Bill King, who is courting the Republican vote. Turner backs HERO while King has expressed skepticism.

With outgoing Mayor Annise Parker stating she will not revive the ordinance, its fate now lies with the next mayor.

The run-off takes place Dec. 12.