Marty Hershner

Marty Hershner, the owner of the Tin Room and the Drama Room who passed away in April, died from an overdose of alcohol and cocaine, according to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Dr. Chester Gwin of the ME’s Office said Thursday morning he wasn’t at liberty to discuss toxicology results in detail. But Gwin confirmed that the official cause of death was “cocaine and ethanol toxicity.”

“The amount in the system doesn’t really matter,” Gwin said. “It’s one of those drugs where a little can do the same as a lot. … Cocaine is toxic in and of itself, but when you combine alcohol to it, there’s a metabolite that’s formed between the interaction of ethanol and cocaine that’s an irritant to the heart.”

Following Hershner’s death, Dallas police said they believed an overdose was possible because “a lot of drugs” were found at the scene.

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