Here’s an example of why heterosexuals make better parents. It comes from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (Australia). Just a good example of a father teaching his son to be heterosexual.

A father is on trial for forcing his 14-year old son to have sex with a prostitute because he thought the boy was gay. The father drove the boy to the motel, paid in cash and waited on the balcony til he was done. He walked into the room during sex and told the boy he wanted to see a used condom as proof. At least he insisted on safe sex.

Incredibly, police learned about the boy’s rape when the father called them. He wanted police to investigate the boy, saying he was having sex with his younger brother. The newspaper reports, “The dad allegedly told police he had ‘tried to sort it out himself by taking (his son) to a prostitute.'”

The case will go to court after the New Year. To protect the child, no names have been released in the case.разместить рекламуяндекс проверка сайта