Let’s face it: As much as we all may look forward to the holidays for the time off, a lot of it is spent listening to your partner’s family tell you about that embarrassing moment from his childhood… for the 11th time. Or watching college bowl games between teams you’ve never heard of. Or seeing your nieces and nephews play with the Wii you secretly wanted. Why not give a gift you or your loved one can use immediately? A book is the perfect gift: It requires no plugs, makes no noise and because it is a gift you just got, you can justify sneaking off with it and not seem rude.

For sultry Christmastime reading, Benedetto Casanova: The Memoirs (as told to Martin Weber) may be the best choice. An historical novel about the alleged gay brother of the womanizing Casanova, it’s a homoerotic travelogue through the Renaissance with Benedetto’s escapades making for sizzling sex. And a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the NOH8 Campaign — indeed, NOH8 photog Adam Bouska designed the sexy cover. The book is priced at $19.69. Also comes in a Kindle version.

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