Remedy, which opened over the New Year’s weekend nearly two years ago, will say farewell around its second anniversary. Founder Elias Pope and culinary director Danyele McPherson have just announced that Remedy’d final dinner service will take place on Dec. 31. Soon thereafter, a new, as-yet-unnamed restaurant will open in mid-2017. It will also expanding into the Project Pie space, which 80/20 Hospitality took over earlier this year.

Remedy was McPherson’s first foray into opening her own concept; she had previously worked at The Grape, and appeared on a season of Top Chef Just Desserts. It was a hit (it just missed my Top 10 tables list last year, and got a favorable right up for its Sunday Funday in an installment of A Brunching of Gays), but McPherson¬†quickly expanded her duties to other concepts in the brand. The executive chef at the new restaurant will be Kirstyn Brewer, formerly of Victor Tangos, pictured.