AvonThe 85-year-old Avon apartments, on Lemmon Avenue near Oak Lawn, will be gone soon.

With the building in need of renovation, the  owner will be renovating the only way Oak Lawn property owners know how — with bulldozers after a nice, big implosion.

Instead of this ancient monstrosity, a beautiful new Verizon store is scheduled to go up in its place. No word on whether there will be an additional fast food outlet also placed on the property, but Lemmon Avenue doesn’t have enough of those.

Oh, and remember this graceful, old … monstrosity, formerly at the corner of Rawlins and Knight?


3222-Knioght-stHere’s what’s replacing it:

New construction

Ahhh … much better than all that red brick, trees and gabled roof. Glad we got rid of those hardwood floors, leaded glass windows and original tiles inside. Those new yellow fiberglass slatted wall coverings on the second floor are so much … newer.