This is the vehicle that killed a dog and hit a woman at noon today on Cedar Springs Road

A turning car hit a woman, ran over her foot and killed her dog on Cedar Springs Road today (Saturday, Jan. 30) at about noon. She was crossing with the light. The car didn’t stop to render aid.

Josh Friedman, co-owner of the new Zephyr restaurant on the corner of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton, rushed the woman and her dog to CityVet where the dog died.

They returned to the restaurant to meet police and download video from their new camera system. Friedman said he thought the video would be clear enough to get a license number.

As of 4 p.m., police had still not taken a report. The woman was refusing to get medical help before filing her report.

Zephyr’s security company or Dallas Police should be able to enhance the video enough to get a license plate. A police camera across the street should also have caught the hit and run.


After being hit, woman is seen on ground. Her friend with another dog is behind her.