Hit and run

Car involved in hit-and-run

After hitting a pedestrian and her dog on Cedar Springs Road, a hit-and-run driver paused and then gunned his engine to avoid responsibility.

On Saturday, Jan. 30, a car turned from Cedar Springs Road onto Throckmorton Street and hit Holly Mosley and killed her dog. The accident happened about noon.

Mosley was crossing Cedar Springs Road in front of the new restaurant Zephyr. She had the walk signal and was in the crosswalk, so she had the right of way.

Mosley rushed her dog to CityVet on Oak Lawn Avenue where he died.

By the way, Dr. Ana Gessel at CityVet is a hero of this story. After trying to save the dog’s life, she didn’t charge Mosley for her services.

Before seeking treatment Mosley returned to Zephyr to wait for police. According to Heather Huynh, who was walking her dog with Mosley, Mosley has contusions on her foot and has shoulder pain. She’s getting medical care, but returned to work today.

Huynh described the accident.

“The car came barreling through,” Huynh said. “He didn’t slow down to make the turn. It looked like he was trying to beat us [through the intersection].”

She said after he hit Mosley and her dog, he paused before taking off.

“He gunned it,” she said.

Another car tried to chase him to get the license plate number, but the hit-and-run driver ran the stop sign two blocks down Throckmorton and disappeared in traffic on Maple Avenue.