notoriousIf you didn’t see it in the paper yet, the new lineup of the Magnolia Theatre’s Tuesday New Classic Series, sponsored by Dallas Voice, was announced last week, and the new season kicks off tonight with one of the best romantic thrillers of all time: Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Made when World War II was just recently ended, it stars Cary Grant as Devlin, an American spy who recruits Ingrid Bergman, the wife of a Nazi played by Claude Rains, to serve as a double agent, sleeping with her husband and unearthing plans for a Fascist comeback at the same time. It’s filled with some of Hitch’s most breathless feats of directorial derring-do: A long tracking shot from a staircase that eventually settled on a small key hidden in a hand; a tense escape that makes you sympathize with Rains and questions Grant’s ethics; and a smart, romantic performance by the incomparable Bergman. It shows twice tonight, at 7:30 and 10 p.m. Don’t miss it if you’ve never seen it!