1- Fido comes first
Let’s face it: In the gay community during Christmastime, it’s the dogs and cats who make out like bandits. We treat our four-legged furry friends like full-fledged members of the family, albeit ones with wet noses who can lick themselves. So tops on any shopping list has to be a luxury only Princess or Rex can enjoy. A Brandy Pets dog bed is a sure way to make sure at least someone opening a present won’t run off to return it on Dec. 26. And what could be more adorable than that?
Petropolitan, 408 S. Harwood St.,
214-741-4100. $99.

2 – Ready for action
Kids play with toys; adults collect them. Nothing will make that special someone in your life feel like a kid as much as an action figure. Not just those Mego superheroes and G.I. Joes, either you can now find an 18-inch Freddie Mercury doll that plays a medley of classic Queen songs, or go ultra-fancy with a 1/6th scale vinyl model of Superman by Kotbukya, complete with stand. Up, up and away!
Zeus Comics, 3878 Oak Lawn Ave.,
Suite 100E, 214-219-8697. $39.99-$99.99.

3 – A sculpted body
Dallas artist Manuel Sarmiento takes recycled materials and turn them into art. He sculpts with a variety of media, producing interesting, abstract human figures like these, which are nearly two feet tall. Small, arty statuary like these are perfect housewarming gifts for new couples or just art lovers.
Lofty Concepts, 1135 Dragon St.,
214-747-8000. Assorted sized, styles
and prices; as shown, $200.

4 – TeXas long necks
It’s a clich? that women like to get jewelry, but what about men? Nothing captures the eye like a sparkling men’s necklace from Union Jack. From the Phoenix Rising a sterling silver necklace on leather cord to a fused glass and sterling Italian horn, there is a style for everyone on your list.
Union Jack, 3920 Cedar Springs Road,
214-528-9600. $75-$95.

5 – boots SCOOTIN’
No wardrobe in Texas is complete without a pair of kickin’ cowboy boots. But Gender puts a spin on the traditional cut with the Frye harness boots. These winter favorites differ from the classic styling in that they come in an unfinished split leather with a rich mahogany color.
Gender in the West Village. $245.

6 – Pinned down
Have a friend who’s recently had a nasty break-up? Or do you just like to joke around with your significant other? There’s no better way to soften discords during the holidays than with a voodoo doll. A hilarious gag gift, the doll “commands” the offending party to make dinner, pay attention or a dozen other romantic things to make that zero a hero.
Tapelenders, 3926 Cedar Springs Road,
214-528-6344. $8.99.

7 – Rack ’em UP
For the person who subscribes to a lot of magazines, a rack to hold them all is a godsend. But rather than some ordinary piece of wicker or cheap brass, give them this arrestingly elegant and contemporary rack in steel and leather from Natuzzi Dallas.
Natuzzi Dallas, 11700 Preston Road, #737, 214-363-7070. $136.50.

8 – Cat scratch fever
The ’50s were a decade full of cool cats, but hipsters are harder to come by these days. One way you can make a favorite person in your life (or maybe even yourself) feel as swingin’ as Sinatra is with this leopard-print living room set with chair and radical round sofa. Upholstered in the dotted pelt and an awesome aqua-and-black contrasting vinyl, this was made for the home of that person who has everything but still needs more.
Lula B’s Antique Mall, 2004 Greenville Ave.,
214-824-2185. $2,200 (for the set).

9 – Cheers!
There’s no better way to toast the new year than with exquisite glassware. The Paris Fair sloping champagne bucket in mouth-blown molded glass makes chilling a bottle of bubbly an elegant affair. And if you go all out for the pail, why not complement it with a set of flutes shaped to resemble an inverted, truncated pyramid.
Ligne Roset, 4516 McKinney Ave.,
214-526-2220. (Also at 1617 Hi Line Drive,
214-742-2300.) Bucket, $95; flutes
(set of six), $185.

10 – Watch this
Todd Brown’s unique, over-the-top style expresses individuality combined with functionality. His handsome accessories, including his collection of retro-vintage chronometers (somehow, they seem like more than “watches”), will tell that person on your list that he’s stylish and special.
Outlines, 3906 Cedar Springs Road,
214-528-1955. $85-$95.

11 – Throw in the pillow
You’re grown up now if you want to have a pillow fight, do it with something tasteful. Designer pillows from Jordan McMillan aren’t just good for pummeling your significant other they look great on any bed or chair. Filled with real feather down, each pillow can be customized to your d?cor with you-choose ribbons that accent any style.
Jones Walker, 3317 McKinney Ave.,
469-916-5500. $186.

12 – Grab a seat
There are ordinary bar stools, and then there are Pam Stools. These shockingly colorful pieces of furniture with translucent seats are sure to garner you enthusiastic “thank-yous.” In a matt-chromed metal frame with brilliant footrest, the stools adjust more than 10 inches via a gas piston to fit any sized bar area or stand alone in a room.
Ligne Roset, 4516 McKinney Ave.,
214-526-2220. (Also at 1617 Hi Line Drive,
214-742-2300.) $435.

13 – I love my calendar, girl!
If you have to get older, you might as well enjoy each day of it, and there’s no better way to do that than with a 2007 wall calendar. Choose from among many offerings from 10% Products, appealing to every taste, including pets (Fiona in All Her Finest), muscle hunks (Frat Guys) and sexy nudes male (the Provocateur series) and female (Sirens). If anyone in your life has a “type,” there’s a calendar for them.
Available online at area retailers such as
Crossroads Market, 3930 Cedar Springs Road, 214-521-8919, and Tapelenders,
2936 Cedar Springs Rd., 214-528-6344. $14.95-$15.95.

14 – Truth in beauty
Bath and beauty products can make for provocative yet ambiguous gifts. They are intimate but social, suggestive but necessary in other words, you can’t go wrong with some nice bath salts and body wash, no matter what message you want to send. Try a selection from Garner Franklin Klein, which are rich in fragrance and nourishing anti-oxidants.
Garner Franklin Klein, 1112 S. Akard St.,
214-207-4320. Individual items from $3.

15 – Nice piece of glass
Probably no gift elicits more oohs and ahs than a gorgeous piece of art glass. Shown are some breathtaking burnt-red-and-midnight Glass Santorum collectibles imported from Germany, but there are many styles and colors available to suit any decor.
Jones Walker, 3317 McKinney Ave.,
469-916-5500. $56-$100 .

16 – Food for thought
What’s the perfect gift? One that you can give twice. Litz the Baker offers that opportunity at his online bakery. First, you buy one of the rich, homemade cheesecakes (in classic New York style, red velvet and chocolate swirl). Then Litz donates $5 for every cake sold to the registered charity of your choice. The local, gay-owned kitchen isn’t just charitable, but talented: Who doesn’t want a gift of dessert?
Online at Fundraiserbakery.com. $33.50.

17 – Flower power
What is Christmas without the vibrant color of a poinsettia? Don’t go to a party empty-handed bring along these beautiful, resilient flowers. And why not mix it up? In addition to the traditional red, consider pink or even new varieties like “cinnamon star” and “strawberries and cream.” Each purchase comes with a care sheet so that the beauty continues for months.
North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Road,
214-363-5316. $9.99-$24.99.

*18 – It’s in the bag
Considering how many functions they serve from wallet holders to fashion accessories to repositories of all things feminine every woman appreciates a new handbag. And when they come as chic as these from Le Chic (available at Gender), they’re easy to covet. Offered in tear drop shape or with an Egyptian print, they come in two colors and styles.
Gender in the West Village. $39.

19 – In good spirits
The idea is clear: Help your friends toast the holidays with a spirited clear liquor. Who doesn’t like premium vodka for their Christmas soirees? SKYY90’s gift set, which comes with a pair of elegantly-crafted glasses from Molo, delivers Skyy’s famously smooth texture. A gift box of Belvedere Polish vodka delivers a crisp, velvety taste with a mild aroma. Or try Ciroc vodka, made from grapes, in a set with hand-blown martini glasses.
Majestic Liquors, 3610 Oak Lawn Ave.,
214-559-3177. Prices from $29.99.

20 – Good wreath!
Nothing bespeaks the holidays quite so warmly as a splashy wreath, and All Occasions Florist has a variety of pre-decorated ones. These items, festively festooned with glamorous touches, will brighten any door.
All Occasions Florist, 3428 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-528-0898. $70-$150.

21 – Kickin’ it
Whether your friends with a fabulous woman or an even more fabulous drag queen, some sexy, outrageous footwear makes a great treat on Christmas morn. A three-inch platform pump with seven-inch heel and adjustable ankle strap makes a real statement, while a Santa go-go boot in stretch velvet is holiday-rific.
Electric Boutique, several area locations, Electricboutique.com. $39.99-$49.99.

22 – ThankS for the music
There’s tons of music for all tastes available during the holidays. Tower Records celebrates its going-out-of-business sale with 40 percent discounts and more on everything from DVDs to singles to classical. Crossroads Market hopes to fill in the gap eventually, offering dance music for those club kids on your list. And you can find tons of show tunes, including a new salute to Sondheim, on Amazon.com
Available online at Amazon.com. Tower Records, 3707 Cedar Springs Road. 214-252-0200. Crossroads Market, 3930 Cedar Springs Road, 214-521-8919.

23 – Take a shot
O.K., so these aren’t exactly the ideal gifts for Mom, but the right person will really appreciate your sense of fun. This set of six shot-glasses, each of which holds 3.5 oz. of fluid, are hilariously inappropriate but also great conversation starters for any adult Christmas party.
Tapelenders, 3926 Cedar Springs Road,
214-528-6344. From $19.99.

24 – Buckle up
We do live in Texas, after all everybody needs a belt buckle that makes a statement. Skivvies offers a series of new classic buckles designed to accompany any ensemble or personality try a Superman logo, a skull, the crown jewels or any of numerous other designs. And while you’re there, buy the strap to go with it.
Skivvies, 4001 Cedar Springs Road,
214-559-4955. $21.

25 – A trip to the past
Whether you prefer Egyptian art or Greek, An Occasional Piece has a variety of reproductions of the ultimate in antiquities. The kouros or male form was a preoccupation of Athenians, and this imported torso tells you why. Over in Egypt, they preferred to revere cats (go figure) and also designed the pyramids, including the obelisk style shown. Any would find a welcome home on a mantelpiece.
An Occasional Piece, 3922 Cedar Springs Road, 214-520-0898. Obeklisk, $18.50-$55.50; cat, $28-$64; torso, $225.

26 – Problem solved
It’s O.K. to want to look good and be pampered, and Miss Oops has the tools you need. This line of beauty saving products range from Pedicure in a Bottle (which exfoliates, smoothes and hydrates feet with one all-in-one product) to sponges that help remove deodorant, powder and makeup from clothing.
Jean Connection at Preston Center,
214-691-7594. $13.

We all have a fashion-challenged friend who shouldn’t be allowed to pick out his own wardrobe, and the holidays are the perfect time to dress him well without seeming too pushy. Try some fashionable hipwear from Counter Culture, like a green apple tree T, RVCA jeans, some still-snazzy aviator shades or a vintage button-down shirt. Let’s face it: He can use all of ’em.
Counter Culture at Mockingbird Station.
Sunglasses, $15; garments starting at $26.95.

28 – leather LOVE
In the right relationship, a gift of leather can be a tremendously romantic gesture. Consider the message sent by getting your leather daddy a holster harness or laceback vest from Leather Masters, or a handmade balanced flogger or traditional biker’s cap.
Leather Masters, 2525 Wycliff Ave. #124,
214-528-3865. Harness, $89.95; vest,
$159.95. Shades of Grey, 3930A Cedar
Springs Road., 214-521-4739. Cap, $70,
flogger, $189.95.

*29 – Quit your wining
You can grab a bottle of nondescript wine and throw it in a paper bag, or you can show someone you care with
a lovely set of Trumpeter wine from Goody Goody. In addition to two bottles a white chardonnay and a red malbec-syrah blend the package includes a waiter’s corkscrew, two types of crackers, a chocolate bar and spices for mulled wine, all in a charming basket.
Goody Goody, 3316 Oak Lawn Ave. (and other locations), 214-252-0801. $39.99.

30 – Bamboo steamier
The new Bamboo Collection by C-IN2 is one of the season’s hottest items in men’s fashion underwear. The bamboo fiber, woven into a surprisingly soft fabric, is naturally antibacterial and cut in sexy, shape-flattering designs. And remember: You may be giving it to him, but it’s really for you.
Skivvies, 4001 Cedar Springs Road,
214-559-4955. $19.50.

31 – Read any good books?
The winter is a great time to snuggle up with a book and cup of warm cocoa and lose yourself. Crossroads Market offers many of interest to the queer Texan, from Olympian Mark Tewksbury’s “Inside Out” about being a gay athlete to a photo history of Big D, “Dallas Then & Now” to hilarious tomes like “Conversations and Cosmopolitans.”
Crossroads Market, 3930 Cedar Springs Road, 214-521-8919.

32 – Diamonds are any one’s best friend
December Diamonds aren’t gemstones, but stand-alone ornaments perfect for the holiday season. Available in a variety of styles, these work year-round to make any mantel all the more festive.
Tapelenders, 3926 Cedar Springs Road.,
214-528-6344. $11.99-$39.99.

33 – Trivial Pursuit for gays
It was only a matter of time before someone decided to make coming out of the closet a game well, other than Clay Aiken. Homogenius is a board game where contestants weave their way out of a closet by answering questions about gay culture. If you can overlook the typos on the 350-plus question cards, there are all sorts of challenging trivia questions. The winner gets a toaster oven. (Not really.)
Available online at Homogeniusthegame.com.

34 – Happy alt-Christmas
Some people are all about wreaths and tinsel on the tree; others like to mix up their holidays. A leather stocking gives the BDSM person something sensual to stuff, and colorfully festive wrist restraints make Santa happy! Or party with a tartan belted kilt (with safety pin).
Shades of Grey, 3930A Cedar Springs Road,
214-521-4739. Kilt, $60. Leather Masters,
2525 Wycliff Ave. #124, 214-528-3865.
Stocking, $44.95, wrist restraints, $46.95.

35 – Men love Mango!
You don’t need to be Chris Kattan to love Mango! We’re not talking about the weirdly asexual performance artist or the juicy fruit, but rather the hardwood from the mango tree. These rich brown woods, shaped into many interesting vases and containers, make an ideal gift.
Lofty Concepts, 1135 Dragon St.
214-747-8000. $10-$125. Jones Walker,
3317 McKinney Ave. $92-$142.

36 – Deck the halls
Spread the holiday spirit with the ultimate Christmas gift: A charming tree ornament. Choose from a selections crafted glass ornaments at Crossroads Market, ranging from under $5 to more elaborate, boy-does-he-care extravagance. Or you can do something for the gay community by buying the limited edition Christopher Radko design exclusively made for the Human Rights Campaign.
Crossroads Market, 3930 Cedar Springs Road.,214.521.8919. $4.99-$34.99. Radko orna-
ment available online at HRC.org., from $19.99.

37 – Pimp that bedroom
Some gifts you just want to give yourself. That’s true of the ultimate pimp-o-riffic round party bed. The headboard is upholstered in tufted blue velvet and comes with a silk bench, drapes, mattress and pillows to match. It’s big enough to hold more than you and the TV remote, so have a party and ring in the new year!
Lula B’s Antique Mall, 2004 Greenville Ave.
214-824-2185. $2,800 (for the set).

38 – TrickS or treatS
Dogs are like boyfriends: Train ’em right when they’re young, and you can control them for life with simple voice commands. And there’s no better way to do that than with flavored treats, housed in these attractive, whimsical canisters. The bubble jar fish bowls and containers keep kibble food safely stored and bring a little color to the laundry room or porch.
Petropolitan, 408 S. Harwood St.
214-741-4100. $42.99.

39 – Garden party
Your favorite green thumb may be feeling withdrawal during the winter, not able to forage through his or her mulch and flowers. Help combat that with year-round garden art and statuary. Whimsical creatures like these frogs, or chic, comforting waterfalls from elaborate stone fountains, can turn a backyard into an oasis with charm and personality. (And they work just as well indoors!)
North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Road,
214-363-5316. Garden art, $22-$175; foun-
tains, $369-$1,200 (delivery available).

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