OK, time for another Holiday Gift Idea — actually, two! And both show you what can be done with a basket.

First off, let’s gets some personal fashions going. Bamboxers is a startup underwear company (still finishing up its Kickstarter) that claims to offer “the most comfortable boxers in the world,” made from bamboo fibers. Ho-hum, everyone says they are the most comfortable. Thing is, I think they might be right: The pair I tried hug in all the right places and don’t bunch in the wrong ones — you really do feel like you’re going commando. And the touch is incredible soft as well.

Because the company is just getting started, you can pre-order yours for your hubby in time for Christmas delivery, and even get on the ground floor of the trend with some good subscription deals. From about $12.


That’s one kind of nice basket you will look forward to unwrapping on Christmas morning — here’s another. 1-800-BASKETS offers a range of hand-crafted gourmet baskets to appeal to the unique desires of your special someone.

Take, for instance, the tea lover’s basket, complete with mini-teapot, Tazo cinammon apple teabags, Twinnings, tea cookies and jams. And that’s just one example. There are combinations with fruits, wines. And you can also get things like Cheryl’s Cookies, hand-frosted, individually-wrapped shortbread sweets that make great stocking-stuffers.