On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Equality March Texas organized a vigil to remember LGBT Holocaust victims.


The vigil began at the Highland Park fountain and proceeded down Oak Lawn Avenue to the Legacy of Love monument.


Latisha McDaniel and Maryann Thompson-Frenk led the march carrying a sign with a quote by Coretta Scott King.



The vigil passed the Legacy of Love monument and then into the Melrose Hotel.


And there’s nothing like a well-catered demonstration.


Latisha McDaniel
Latisha McDaniel

Latisha was one of the vigil organizers. She told the history of the pink triangle.

Lavidia Violet
Lavidia Violet

Lavidia Violet read from the Holocaust memoir, “Aimee and Jaguar.”

Cathy Gonzalez
Cathy Gonzalez

Cathy Gonzalez is the board chair of Youth First Texas. She was adopted by an American family, but she was born in Germany during the Holocaust.продвижение сайта в поисковых системахгде разместить рекламу