You can think of lighting as falling into two categories: natural (i.e., the sun) and artificial (anything involving an electric bulb). But that’s depriving yourself of the myriad ways we cast some brightness into our home spaces. Desk lamps, sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall mounts, goosenecks, track lighting, up-lights the varieties are almost endless.

For those who like shopping and decorating few stores are as diverse and interesting as lighting galleries, which offer countless ideas for how to make your space glow with individual personality. Here are a few suggestions for finding the look that works for you.

Wall sconces are more about color than illumination they can be pieces of art in themselves, that clearly and unobtrusively radiate their style and energy into a room.
$349.99 at Lights Fantastic.

Louis Comfort Tiffany’s mosaic-style glass lamps are classics of early 20th century American decor, and absolutely essential for any serious collector of artistic lights. The dragonfly design a table lamp with a pinched lower shade on a heavy leaden base can turn a dim hallway into a showplace. The peacock design casts light and style.
Dragonfly desk lamp, $129 and peacock, $79.95, at Lamps Plus.

This brown wood vase lamp, accented by a hole in the middle piped with steel and topped by a latte shade, has an
architectural feel even with its convenient table size. $159 at Jones Walker.

A tall floor lamp with a tapered shade, this bubble lamp can fit conveniently in a corner and provide indirect warmth with a quasi-organic vibe that simultaneously accentuates and disappears.
$299 at Lights Fantastic.

This luminous piece of desk sculpture may not be great for reading, but it adds ambiance to any room.
$49.95 at Lamps Plus.

With streaks of dark colors peppered across a delicate molten-red opaque shade, this hanging light adds fiery individuality, even as it
provides a warmth to any home.
$329.99 at Lights Fantastic.

This intriguing metal table lamp takes a classic shape a big, round art deco design and shocks it into the 21st century by replacing the paper, wood and fabric elements with solid steel and chrome. The surface reflects the colors of the room.
$458 at Jones Walker.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, April 21, 2006. оптимизация сайта тарифы