By Ryan Short Contributing Writer

Closet designers can turn your bedroom’s black hole into a treasure trove

An organized closet not only can reveal lost items, it can add value and appeal to your home.

Whether it’s a lost sock, extra Christmas presents, a long-ignored photo album or a T-shirt that time forgot, chances are that any “misplaced” article may be residing in the deepest recesses of your home: the bedroom closet.
For pack rats, college kiddos and sentimental soccer moms, the closet can be an organizational nightmare. Often a source of frustration and rarely ever considered an immediate and necessary chore, the redistribution of goods inside your walk-in rarely ever tops your list of to-dos.

But with spring cleaning already in full swing, perhaps the time has arrived for all the disheveled Dallasites to do something we never thought we would do: Go back into the closet with the help of a professional closet organizer.
Closet design studios help do the toughest of jobs. They assist in getting all of our crazy lives into some semblance of order, one storage room at a time. What seems like a relatively simple process can in reality involve so much more than a quick collection of dirty laundry.

“One of the greatest needs in a closet is that it functions well for each individual,” says Tanya Roberts, general manager of California Closets, a closet design company serving the Metroplex. “Proper design will create a flowing, beautifully-organized closet.”

Well-organized spaces within the home can actually increase the perceived size and space of an apartment or house. While a freshly-manicured lawn with Bermuda grass and pink pansies can give a home improved curb appeal, if attended, the tiniest details often overlooked by homeowners can amplify the interior desirability as well: cabinets, moldings and, yes, closets.

Professional retailers such as the Container Store offer plenty of supplies, shelves and assistance in taking the plunge, but the do-it-yourself method may prove too much. Hiring the services of companies like California Closets take the pressure of determining where to start and what to buy off your mind, and such consultations give a potential customer a clear peace of mind.
Once the hunt for the perfect closet specialist begins, a client should conduct the proper research to make the results that much more impressive.

“A prospective client should understand what he or she is getting,” says Roberts. “I recommend visiting showrooms. There, they can touch and feel the products.”

Roberts also advises to do a broad search for your possible closet companies. Some closet designers may not fit as perfectly as you might hope. Others might share your vision completely. Like any contractor or service providers, the options and businesses available are vast.

Interview various design specialists to find out what each person can bring to the table. Ask to view pictures of past projects, and see what visuals might apply to your situation. And most definitely ask for references of jobs recently completed by that designer to see first hand their vision and hear how satisfied previous customers are.

Communication on your part is key, also. Determine your financial situation and establish a budget. Be very clear on your personal goals for your home closet; yet keep an open mind to the professional’s experienced opinion.
Once you have found your best fit, then get excited.

“There is a sense of peace when you are not battling the closet space in the morning just to get dressed,” says Roberts. “It is amazing how many “‘new’ outfits can be found in a properly organized closet.”

For many gay men, that is reason enough to venture back into the long-abandoned closet.

For more information on California Closets, call 214-351-1000.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, April 21, 2006. mobile game downloadпроверка посещаемости сайта онлайн