What Twitter tells us about busy queer rockers Eric Himan and the Adams

UP AND ADAMS: Eric Himan, left, and Angel and Jimmy Adams share tweet times together on the road this summer.

The indie trio Eric Himan and the Adams is on a nonstop track with a summer tour already booked into August and a CD in the works. They sound like one of the hardest working bands out there. Figuring we could get a peek into these busy rockers’ lives we took a look at each of their Twitter feeds. Nothing says insight like a tweet, right?

Bassist Jimmy Adams: We can’t figure what this guy is talking about. He posted "I love the mountains I love the clear blue sky. I love big bridges." Following some band marketing, he then posts, "Trimmer line doesn’t make for a very good belt." Huh? Clearly, he is the social butterfly, or heaviest partier, of the band.

Singer Eric Himan: In a recent 48 hour period, Himan tweeted that he was "off to band practice to rehearse the new song" a day after he "just [got] back from Nashville and the band and I had a great time. Will be back in three weeks to record." This is one busy musician. His last mention of downtime was over a week ago where he was veg’ing in front of the TV "craving popcorn from the movie theater." Rock stars.

Drummer Angel Adams: She likes posting back and forth with follower "katyperry," but whether she kissed her is not mentioned. There are some tweets about the band but she knows how to separate work and play. Her confessional June 22 tweet is a surprise from this indie rocker, posting that she "isn’t ashamed that I really like Miley Cyrus’s ‘The Climb.’ I can’t help that it actually stirs me up inside." She should be.

— Rich Lopez

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 26, 2009.
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