Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson, the paranoid, homophobic former CEO of ExxonMobil known for taking benefits away from LGBT Mobil employees when the two companies merged in 1999, was confirmed to be Secretary of State by a vote of 56 to 43.

Previously, the most contentious vote for a Secretary of State was Condoleeza Rice, who was confirmed by 85 to 13, according to the New York Times.

Tillerson worked diligently to prevent Exxon’s LGBT employees from having benefits and even illegally tried to keep a shareholder proposition off the agenda at one of its annual meetings. The company’s largest shareholder, the New York State pension fund administered by its state Comptroller, floated the proposition each year.

At one annual meeting of the corporation, Dallas Voice tried talking to a representative of the New York Comptroller’s office at the Meyerson in downtown Dallas where the meeting is held each year, Exxon had police follow us until we left and talked at the Winspear instead.

Tillerson was paranoid about offering those benefits. He was adamant in a meeting arranged by Resource Center that the only reason Exxon was not offering the benefits was no one was going to tell him what to do.

Despite Exxon winning the ballot fight to not offer benefits each year for 16 years, the company offered those same benefits to employees who lived in other countries where those benefits were mandated. When marriage equality became law, Exxon changed its policy in the U.S. immediately.

Serving as president of the Boy Scouts of America, Tillerson was also instrumental in preventing the organization from updating its policy to allow gay Scouts and Scout leaders.