Hood County Clerk Katie Lang

Hood County Clerk Katie Lang

A Hood County couple, Jim Cato and Jody Stapleton, filed a lawsuit this morning, July 6, against Hood County Clerk Katie Lang, asking for “declaratory and injunctive relief” after Lang refused to issue them a marriage license. Lang issued the license shortly after the couple filed suit, but Dallas Voice has heard no word yet on whether Cato and Stapleton will drop their lawsuit now.

County clerks in Texas  may be held personally liable for damages resulting from ignoring a court ruling — in this case, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.

On July 4, Cato wrote on his Facebook page that Lang had not only denied them their license, but called the sheriff’s office. Seven deputies were sent to throw them and the media out of her office, he wrote. It was the same day that announced marriage licenses for same-sex couples wouldn’t be available in her office for another three weeks.

According to Hood County News, Sheriff Roger Deeds responded with deputies and stood outside the office but did not remove anyone from the office.

Protests supporting both sides of the issue took place on July 4 in Granbury. While the anti-equality side held signs claiming the Supreme Court ruling was destroying marriage as it’s existed since Biblical times, the pro-equality side said both sides had the right to protest, but they wanted the court ruling upheld.