Joe and Joey

Joe and Joey

LifeLong Adoptions is a company that aims to “create families through adoption by preparing, nurturing and advocating for all those involved in the infant adoption process” according to the company’s website. “We envision a whole community in which everyone views adoption as a wonderful, natural and joyous way of creating a family.”

LifeLong Adoptions also specializes in “domestic newborn adoptions for the LGBT community.”

The company’s websites includes profiles of families who have successfully adopted through LifeLong Adoptions, and profiles of families waiting to adopt. These “waiting to adopt” profiles give birth mothers a chance to “meet” potential parents and gives those potential parents a chance to tell birth mothers why they want to adopt.

One of the waiting couples, Joe and Joey, wrote a letter to the birth mother of their future baby, but then they went a step further. They wrote a song for their “Dear Future Baby” and then made a video of themselves singing their song.

How could any birth mother — or any dear future baby — resist?!