DOA Bloodbath and out filmmaker Shawn Ewert‘s Right Left Turn Productions have announced the films for this year’s Fears For Queers 2. Last year, Fears for Queers was held at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison, but this year, the one-day LGBT horror fest takes place June 25 at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. And now we know what movies will be screening.

But first, if you’re not familiar with Fears for Queers, the fest says its mission is to “showcase a selection of independent feature and short horror films that have been written and/or directed by LBGT filmmakers and/or of gay interest.” Bloodbath has also produced other fests highlighting horror filmmakers that may not get attention elsewhere, including Pretty Scary, a festival featuring all-female directors, and Texas Blood Bath.

The films for this year’s Fears for Queers 2 are …

• George’s Intervention from JT Seaton
• Cupcake from Rebecca Thomson
• metsastysmaa from Nalle Mielonen
• I Was a Tranny Werewolf from Lola Rocknrolla
• Bite Marks from Mark Bessenger (in attendance from L.A.)

Go here to watch trailers for the films.

Fears for Queers isn’t just a showcase for LGBT filmmakers, it also has a good heart. Half of the proceeds from tickets sales will be donated to Youth First Texas. But the agency serving LGBT youth wasn’t selected by Ewert.

“Andrew actually picked them and I agreed,” Ewert said. “We just do it for the love of film, and to help the kids.”

Andrew Rose is the man behind DOA Bloodbath and he’s straight. Last year, the event raised $1,050 for YFT. They hope to give more this year, but that means raising their own money to put on the fest and so far, it’s all out of pocket. 

Rose and Ewert have been on the hunt for corporate sponsors for the festival — especially from LGBT businesses. Otherwise funds raised from the event have to pay for the costs of marketing, promotional materials and venue fees. And that’s no fun. They have also started an online fundraising campaign in which individuals can contribute as well.

A $25 donation will get you a T-shirt. Bet your friends won’t have one.