LOS ANGELES - DEC 6:  Jazz Jennings at the TrevorLIVE Gala at thIt’s a nice time to be Jazz Jennings. The charming 15-year-old trans student, activist and reality TV star just saw her show, I Am Jazz, win a GLAAD award for best reality series (tying with I Am Cait). When speaking to the press, Jennings said, “All people deserve to have a family like my family.”

Based on what we saw in the show’s first season, she couldn’t be more right. And because TLC knows an adorable thing when they’ve got one, Jazz will be coming back for a second round. Just like in Season 1, she’ll be surrounded by her fiercely protective parents and older siblings, as well as her doting grandparents, while she navigates the rough waters of high school life. If the rude noise of most reality TV turns you off, the gentle, loving quality of I Am Jazz is the answer to your prayers. (Air dates still to be announced.)

wentworth_millerFox’s cult-action series Prison Break — which shot two of its seasons in Dallas — may have ended, but in TV that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. Out star Wentworth Miller, recently in the news for clapping back against fat-shaming tabloids (and good for him for doing so), will return, as will regulars Rockmund Dunbar, Robert Knepper and Amaury Nolasco. The series will air as a 10-episode limited run, but who knows if that will be the end-end or just the end for now. And of course there are no plot details yet; that’s what watching the actual show is for. Fox has set this up for 2017, so begin scratching marks on your cell wall until the day arrives.

— Romeo San Vicente