Charlize Theron: Kissing for a Cause

Charlize Theron: Kissing for a Cause

SheWired.Com has reported that at an Oct. 22 charity event in San Francisco, when bidding for a trip to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela stalled out at $37,000, South African native — and award-winning actress — Charlize Theron offered to throw in a “makeout session” with the winning bidder, an offer that managed to get the bid up to $140,000.

SheWired says Theron “took one for the team” when the winning bidder turned out to be a woman, and engaged in a girl-on-girl kiss that lasted “more than 20 seconds.”

My first thought when I saw this was, “Kudos to Ms. Theron” — not for being willing to kiss a girl; I mean, I consider getting to kiss a girl a real privilege, not a chore — but for being willing to kiss a stranger for charity. I wouldn’t do it.

My second thought was, how sad that people are more willing to pay big money to kiss Charlize Theron than to meet Nelson Mandela.

And, I admit, my third thought was to be jealous of the winning bidder, not just because she got to kiss Charlize Theron but because she had the $140,000 to spend that it took to get that kiss!

The event, by the way, was raising money for OneXOne, which delivers food and water to children around the globe.сайтрасценки по изготовлению интернет магазина