Sexy Marlo turned us on with laughs last night at House of Blues
Sexy Marlo turned us on with laughs last night at House of Blues.

Last night’s show was a nice surprise and a heckuva funny way to cap off the weekend. Kiki Melendez and her “Hot Tamales Live” show gave us laughs all over the spectrum from chuckles to snorting outbursts. We did hit a couple of snags but overall, the show was a success.

During our interviews, I got the impression Melendez’s humor was on the PG-rated side. Nary a curse word left her mouth when we spoke but after a few seconds with her onstage, she turned into a  sassy firecracker dispelling any belief that this was a family friendly show.  She joked about coming to Dallas and hearing how “the men down here will eat anything.” She discussed her search of all the hot men in Dallas (“So we ended up in Oak Lawn at JR.s and there was wall-to-wall fine men there. I was gonna work it.”) but wondered why her sexy dancing wasn’t getting the guys’ attention. Except from the man who mistook her for being a drag queen.

“Asian Tamale” Amy Anderson started the show and killed with her ethnic humor. She reassured us that she’s a good driver and flunked math in school. For whatever reason though, she felt the need to apologize for many of her jokes about leaving her baby in the car or home alone  or implying “your mom is a dirty whore if she knows what MILF means (If you don’t, go here).” She’d amend the punchline too often with stuff like, “My daughter’s not really home alone.” Her hilarity saved her but I think the laughs would have lasted longer if she stood by the jokes more.

Kira Soltanovich’s Ritalin wasn’t kicking in because she was loud and all over the place. Her take on being Jewish-American married to an Irish Catholic had its moments (“We’ve talked and I’m going to convert…to alcoholism”) and making fun of the House of Blues’ overuse of smoke onstage (“It feels like I’m telling jokes on a pirate ship.”). But at times she tried too hard. She continued to get laughs which wasn’t the case for “Persian Tamale,” Nadine Jarabi. Her cultural humor simply missed. I mean, is it wrong for me to say she bombed? It just wasn’t her night but she was trying. The audience knew this and applauded her just as loudly.

The lone male in the show was Valentino who played up his sexy machismo to funny lengths. A white suit, no shirt and a smarmy smile makes him one for the ladies. Or so he thinks. The narcissist stuff was annoying at first (“I know what women want. They want me.”) but grew into some clever quips (“When I was a baby, the ladies in the town fought over who to breast feed me.”). The ladies dug it because he’s the guy that women (and perhaps some men) groan about who thinks he’s sexier than he really is.

Sexy Marlo was the last act and deservedly so. I wholeheartedly believe black female comics are the funniest and she knocked it out of the park. Kiki introduced her as coming from Compton and Marlo jumpd on that fast (“Y’all got quiet. I ain’t gonna steal nothin’.”). Marlo went on about her cheap wardrobe, finding a sugar daddy (“Girl just trying to get a gas card.”) and raunchy sex. A group of ladies heckled her annoyingly but friendly-like and she handled them like a pro (“Bitches, shut up.”) She was priceless.

It was a fantastic show but like I said, some snags were there. We weren’t thrilled by the late start. We were still waiting at almost an hour after the scheduled showtime. Being Sunday night, we were hoping to get home early but the show still finished by 10 p.m. And what is it with parking in the Victory Park area? Why is every meter a two-hour limit? Note to special events coordinators in an entertainment district – don’t discourage attendance by restricting parking options. Also, there was some confusion at the box office for our ticket winners and one didn’t make it indoors. Kiki extended her apologies to me this morning.

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