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Lots of couples have been getting married in courtrooms here in Dallas over the last few days, but others might want something a little more formal, but not quite the “church” kind of formal.

As it turns out there are options in a less-than-obvious place.

Magnuson Hotel Burleson, located at 12450 S. Freeway in Burleson, just on the very south edge of Tarrant County and north edge of Burleson, wants same-sex couples to know they are welcome to hold their weddings at the hotel.

It’s not a publicity stunt, said a Hotel Burleson spokeswoman named Cathy, adding that the hotel hadn’t had much luck with local advertising for same-sex wedding services. “We’re not trying to get on the 6 o’clock news. We just want people to know that if they are looking for somewhere to hold their weddings, we’d love to have them here,” she said.

Cathy said that wedding packages at Hotel Burleson start at $100, and “you can go up as much as you want, depending on what you want.”  The website, which as the photo above shows states clearly on its homepage that “same-sex marriages will be performed by our ministers,” says that all-inclusive weddings there cost $2,500, with a banquet room that seats up to 150 people, tables and linens decorated in the chosen colors, other decorations, a photographer, a room or two and more.

If you are interested, check out the website or call 817-447-2000. And yes, I am sure there are tons of other venues out there welcoming same-sex couples, but I thought this one, located as it is in a relatively small town in more conservative Johnson County, deserved a little recognition.