By Daniel A. Kusner – Life + Style Editor

For Memorial Day Weekend, infielder Lukas Quitner heads to Minneapolis to help Dallas Drillers chase after the team’s 2nd win of the season

MY NAME IS LUKAS: Quitner hopes to bring Dallas a C division trophy from the North Star Classic Tournament.

According to Lukas Quitner, there are two types of softballers: those who play seven innings like it’s only a game, and those who believe that the only thing that matters in life is when a batter is up at the plate.

"The attitude you have in a game is similar to the attitude you have in other aspects of your life," he says.

Quitner is a shortstop for the Dallas Drillers, a team that plays in the Cowboys Conference of the Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association. (In the interest of full disclosure, Dallas Voice sponsors the Drillers.)

When it comes to victories, Quitner savors the thrill — which is rare. So far, the Drillers’ record isn’t pretty: 1-7.

This weekend, he hopes the Drillers improve their standing as they head to Minneapolis for the North Star Classic Tournament. In PSSA, the Cowboys Conference is a tween division — a combination of B division teams as well as "upper level" C teams, Quitner says. At the North Star Classic, the Drillers will be in the C division, along with 24 other C-registered teams.

"Since we have played such a difficult schedule so far this season, we should be prepared for anything these teams can come up with. I fully expect the Drillers to bring home a trophy," Quitner says.

Earlier this week, Dallas Voice caught up with Quitner via e-mail.

Farm to city: I was born and raised in the tiny town of Russia, Ohio, population: 500. I knew I wanted to live in a big city — there isn’t exactly a booming gay community in rural Ohio. So a few weeks after my 20th birthday, I packed up my things and made the drive to Dallas, where I knew a few people. That was four years ago.

Jock credentials: I played a lot of baseball as a kid. Growing up in the country, I would play in the backyard with my siblings, neighbors and friends. I played Little League baseball also, but when I got to junior high and high school, I focused my efforts on track and cross-country.

My favorite sport was always football, but my school was too small for a team. In college, I played intramural flag football, ultimate Frisbee and basketball.

But I never got into softball until I joined PSSA.

In 2005, I joined the Dallas Travelers, and they helped me remember everything I had forgotten since Little League. I stayed with the Travelers for three years until joining the Drillers this season.

Cities PSSA has taken you to: I’ve played in tournaments in Austin, Houston, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis and Toronto, as well as two Gay World Series in Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix.

Frankenstein ball: Take parts from baseball hall of famers and assemble your ideal gay softball athlete. Ozzie Smith’s glove, Nolan Ryan’s arm, Ted Williams’ bat, Cal Ripken Jr.’s endurance and Jackie Robinson’s courage.

How are gay sports leagues different from straight ones? Well, I have seen a few guys playing in skirts and wigs. But camaraderie sets it apart. It is great to battle a team on the field, then go drink with them afterward at an "extra innings" event.

According to "shortstop" has some excellent definitions. Which of these is your favorite?

1: To use salt, pepper or condiment yourself before passing it to the person who requested it — typically done to exert dominance over requester.

2: A defecation in the front portion of the toilet bowl so that when flushed, the water is unable to push the feces down the toilet.

3: Masturbating your partner: "Rocco finally let Johnny shortstop him."

The first definition — because when it comes to food, I am greedy and will definitely take care of myself first.


Fuzzy rugby hunk Ben Cohen, pictured, was recently voted Gay Times magazine’s Sports Personality of the Year. Gay Times is the United Kingdom’s leading glossy queer monthly.

Traditionally it has been David Beckham who wins these awards. But Becks, who took second place, is said to have dropped in standing after wife Posh recently revealed that only gay men fancied her, not straight men.

Cohen — the second-highest all-time Rugby Union England try-scorer — has leapt into the hearts of gay men across the pond.

"Ben Cohen is a fabulous mountain of a man and I’m not surprised he’s charmed our readers so thoroughly," said Joseph Galliano, editor of Gay Times. "When we interviewed him last year, he was comfortable talking to his gay fans, on sparkling form and of course, he’s drop kick gorgeous."

Cohen said: "I’m really flattered and am constantly surprised by the amount of attention I get from gay people. To win these awards from Gay Times is just brilliant."

Gay actor John Barrowman took top spot in the Sexiest Man of the Year category, with Cohen placing second.

These articles appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 23, 2008.реклама на подголовниках москва