Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas

Robert Jeffress

Now that Steven Hotze’s favorite hometown target, Mayor Annise Parker, is no longer in office, he’s had to find new targets. While Hotze tried to block Parker’s election, the only thing he was able to block during her three terms in office was the Houston Equality Rights Ordinance.

After Plano’s nondiscrimination ordinance passed, anti-equality forces from Prestonwood Baptist Church determined to repeal the ordinance couldn’t find anyone hateful enough in Dallas to help them, so they imported Hotze. He did the same illegal things he did to overturn the Houston ordinance, except in Plano his efforts failed.

Now, he’s making headlines again. He’s called the LGBT community termites and Soviet infiltrators. Really? Couldn’t come up with anything better? Yawn.

Hotze was speaking in Houston at an event headlined by Robert Jeffress, the oh-so-not-gay pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas.

Here’s the video that was originally posted by Right Wing Watch.