Yes, he’s a medical doctor

The Texas House of Representatives voted 97 to 47 to move $3 million in AIDS prevention money to abstinence-only education, according to the Texas Tribune.

The amendment was proposed by first-term Rep. Stuart Spitzer, R-Kaufman. During debate over the proposal, we found out that Spitzer was a virgin when he married his wife at age 29, and she’s the only woman he’s had sex with. He didn’t specify if he ever had sex with a man.

Coming to his defense was Scott Turner, R-Frisco, who said we can never have enough abstinence education money. Turner challenged Rep. Joe Strauss for the Speaker of the House position and after losing, berated House members for not voting for him.

Spitzer was challenged by Democrats who questioned if he knew how sexually transmitted diseases were spread and who asked what his definition of sex was.

Oh, and Spitzer is a doctor, so if you live down in the Cedar Creek Lake area, you may want to make a note a find a different doctor.