Mayor Annise Parker

Houston’s KHOU reports that Mayor Annise Parker is receiving piles of cash after sending out a mailing nationally to supporters. Parker’s  fundraising letter quoted Houston bigot Dave Wilson, who explains to KHOU that he has nothing against Parker being a lesbian but opposes her pushing the “gay agenda.”

“Her homosexual lifestyle doesn’t bother me,” Wilson told KHOU.

Wilson doesn’t represent any organized group opposing the mayor, but his criticism has always focused on her sexual orientation, not the job she’s done as mayor or as controller or as a council member.

Twice in the KHOU report, the station shows actual piles of coins and bills as if “homosexuals” from around the country are stuffing envelopes with cash and sending them to Houston City Hall.

The report also says that during her first mayoral campaign, Parker was uncomfortable talking about her sexual orientation. As the former president of the Houston Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, Parker was never uncomfortable talking about her sexual orientation. But as a candidate for mayor, she preferred talking about actual issues facing the city.

Sue Davis from the Parker campaign said that June 30 was a fundraising reporting deadline.

“I think we did very well,” Davis said, laughing at KHOU’s version of piles of cash pouring in. “I wish.”

Davis did not have exact numbers yet and the report is not due until mid-July.

The filing deadline for candidates is early September. Two opponents have already entered the race and Davis said the campaign is taking the challenge seriously. The opposing candidates are not well known.

Hopefully Wilson has the latest copy of the gay agenda, which has presumably been revised since the passage of marriage equality in New York in June. If not, Davis can get him a copy, which she said includes writing a balanced budget, street maintenance, and maintaining and improving other city services.