While we keep waiting for the homo-hop explosion to blow up locally, Houston is representing Texas just fine. H-Town has given us these two guys already (although Infidilex is more Denton now than Houston), but lest we forget there’s also the hip-hop duo The Qure. They release an ample clip of their song “Shake” from their upcoming release The Virus.

Virus will be the duo’s first full-length release, but they were on people’s radars with their mixtape release Gay 4 Pay. Touted as the “hottest gay rap group on the planet,” that kind of confidence is pushing rappers J.A.P.A.N. and Apollo to be the first gay rapper duo to be signed to a major label. However, I kinda hope they stick to the indie stuff only because we’d get to hear the good stuff. I’d hate for The Qure to lose their vision once caught up in the big industry machine.