Elizabeth Scott is a tea party candidate challenging openly-gay, pro-equality Washington state Rep. Marko Liias (D-Edmonds).  Marko was the prime sponsor of the safe schools law which was passed unanimously by the legislature last year – a spectacular accomplishment.  

A political newcomer, Scott quickly earned a reputation for engaging in slimy politics.  Despite this, she represents a serious threat to Rep. Liias’s reelection because the national economic meltdown has put voters in a sour, anti-incumbent mood.

At a recent candidate forum, the moderator asked the candidates their opinions of U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.  Elizabeth Scott has posted a video with her answer to the question, which she restates as “Question: Where do you stand on homosexual marriage?“.  How many kinds of crazy can you find in her brief reply?  Sorry, can’t get the video to embed.

I also believe in one man, one woman marriage, but I don’t believe the government should come into your bedroom.  So, I would leave it at that.  Marriage is where I draw the line – using the term marriage.

I want to point out that some endorsements on my website of a lesbian couple here in the district.  They’re in our neighborhood, and who are thrilled I’m running because frankly I’m surprised this is the first question that comes up. We have one out of seven people out of work or more.  The reason the lesbian couple have endorsed me is that they’re very concerned about their jobs being sent out of state by our high taxes and the concerns about overspending.

Here in the Herald recently a gay man wrote in that he was upset by his tax dollars not being spent wisely on education.  We all want our money’s worth,and I’m not getting it.  I believe in equal rights and opportunities, but I do not believe in special rights.

Only a minute long, yet she manages to pack in a lot of crazy:

  • Government should stay out of your bedroom…unless you’re gay and want to marry.

  • Two Uncle Tom lesbians endorse her and she’s heard of a gay man who is concerned about school funding.  The implication she’s reeeeally stretching for is that she’s not an incoherent homophobe.

  • Equality for straights is equality, while equality for gays is “special rights”.

    Let’s not let this kind of crazy replace the smart and sane Rep. Marko Liias in the legislature!  If you’re in Marko’s district or, like me, in a nearby safe district, please consider volunteering with Marko’s campaign.  To learn more about Marko Liias and his opponent, come to the first general election debate Wednesday night, September 22nd, at Edmonds Community College. More details here: Civic Engagement: 21st LD and 1st LD Candidate Forum.


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