On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a final ruling to keep cameras out of the courtroom for live video or Youtube replay in the Prop 8 trial.

Thanks to Mark Giesh for compiling this information. Here’s how the voting broke down:

Justice Age Appointed by Political leaning
Consent (against cameras)
Roberts 54 Bush 2 conservative
Scalia 73 Reagan conservative
Kennedy 73 Reagan swing, moderate
Thomas 61 Bush 1 conservative
Alito 59 Bush 2 conservative
Dissent (for cameras)
Breyer 71 Clinton liberal
Stevens 89 Ford conservative turned liberal
Ginsburg 76 Clinton liberal
Sotomayor 55 Obama liberal

Mark points out that it was 5-4 along party lines, with Kennedy the swing voter siding with the conservatives. But Kennedy routinely has been against cameras in courtrooms, so in a Supreme Court hearing on the Prop 8 case, he might rule on the side of equality.google pandaвиды интернет маркетинга