The Family Equality Council is offering guidance for LGBT parents on talking to their children about election results. Unfortunately, FEC doesn’t cover consoling other LGBT adults or dealing with your own maniacal rage. But here are some examples of what you might tell your kids if …

… Obama wins:

“Barack Obama believes that our families should have the same rights as other families. We may not agree on everything, but Sen. Obama even wrote in a letter to Family Equality Council that we have to help and strengthen LGBT families. That means that for the first time in a long time we have a president who wants to see our families do well!”

… McCain wins:

“John McCain will be more open to hearing from and learning about our families than many other people who have been running our country these last few years. It’s important that we continue to tell people, including
our new president, about our families so we can make sure they treat us like they would treat anyone else.”

To see the full publication, which also covers bans on gay marriage and adoption, go gamesрекламное агентство ярославль